Water Heritage Day

WATER HERITAGE DAY is Sunday 27th August 2017

Heritage week 2017 runs from August 19th – 27th and encourages us to take a little time out with family and friends to explore wild and wonderful world around us. It’s an ideal opportunity to get outdoors, discover hidden treasures and make memories with our children.
Water Heritage Day is Sunday 27th August 2017 and this will see events taking place across the country to promote greater appreciation of our rivers, lakes, groundwater, coastal water and transitional waters. Water is a precious yet fragile resource that needs our care. We depend on a clean and plentiful supply of water for our many aspects of our lives including on our health, well-being and economy.
Some of the most beautiful places in Ireland are linked to our lakes, rivers, coastline. Our wildlife and wild places provide inspiration and enjoyment for young and old alike and there is so much to gain from water in its many forms as it journeys through the catchments from source to sea.
Why not take the opportunity on Sunday 27th August, Water Heritage Day, to discover your water catchment or promote your local river, lake or beach? Here are some suggested ways to get involved:
Discover more about the natural and built water heritage in your locality.
Set up an event along one of Ireland’s Blueways.
Ask your local angling group to organise a walk or workshop to demonstrate the importance of river and marine wildlife.
Highlight local stories and legends about water, for example tell the story behind your local holy well.
Promote art, poetry, dance and writing inspired by your local waters.
Try your hand at sailing, boating, surfing, kayaking or fishing.
The Local Authority Waters and Communities Office in partnership with the Heritage Council are promoting Water Heritage Day 2017. If you would like to organise or register an event in your local area, or to gain more ideas simply visit www.heritageweek.ie/news

Remember to always stay safe on or near water.

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