Upcoming conference: Reimagining Irish Rivers; Working with Nature. 22-23 March

To celebrate World Water Day 2021, join us and our partners for this two-day conference on March 22 & 23 as we reimagine Irish rivers through working with nature. The event will feature leading experts, practitioners and community groups connected with rivers. There will be opportunities for deeper participation and discussion during Q&A sessions.  

Nature is an excellent teacher, for those who are open to learning. This conference will look at how nature can guide us to restore rivers and manage the pressures affecting them. Experts continue to learn from societies and civilisations that co-exist with nature rather than against it. Such knowledge is fundamental to addressing the causes of the water, biodiversity, and climate crises.  

Day 1: Restoration, Management, and Biodiversity

Featuring well-known author Padraig Fogarty. The central theme, ‘Working with Nature and Natural Places’, will set the context for the event. We will explore possibilities for prioritising nature in work practices, projects, and plans. Speakers from Ireland and the UK will present emerging concepts and practical examples of: Hydromorphology (water flow and energy); Geomorphological (land features); Natural Water Retention and Flood Management; and improvements for fish passage.

Day 2: Communities & Rivers

The focus will be on community participation and their role in catchments. Two Rivers Trusts will give updates on their work. Four large scale locally led European Innovation Projects water catchment-based project, with different lead organisations will give examples of the innovative results-based model codesigned and delivered by farmers and landowners. Invasive species, their control and biosecurity will be addressed from the communities’ perspective. How communities can engage in catchment management through understanding their sense of place, what supports are available and how they can engage in river restoration, and citizen science. The conference will conclude with the launch of the new Citizen Science aquatic invertebrate monitoring scheme. 

Get involved by registering early and let us know if there any topics you would like to see covered within the programme. 

Register at https://bit.ly/2NZXfkS