Community Information Meetings on the Priority Areas for Action

28 SeptemberGalwayCashla CatchmentVirtual Meeting7:30 pmRegister for this Meeting
22nd SeptemberWexfordOwenavorragh River CatchmentVirtual Meeting7:30 pmRegister for this meeting
10th SeptemberClareLickeen Lake & the Ballymacraven RiverVirtual Meeting7:30 pmEvent Finished
9th SeptemberMeath/
Blackwater (Longwood) CatchmentVirtual Meeting7:30 pmEvent finished
8th SeptemberClareCarrigaholt (Moyarta) River CatchmentVirtual Meeting7:30 pmEvent Finished
31st AugustOffalyBoora Catchment MeetingVirtual Meeting7:30 pmEvent Finished
26th AugustMeathLower River Nanny CatchmentVirtual Meeting7:30 pmEvent Finished
19th AugustCorkAdrigole CatchmentVirtual Meeting7:30 pmEvent Finished
Upcoming Meetings

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and public health advice restricting phusical gatherings LAWPRO is facilitating Community Information Meetings via Zoom. These online meetings will inform local communities of what is happening in their local catchments and provide opportunities for questions and answers.   

The Local Authority Waters Programme are hosting Community Information Meetings in advance of any field work in the priority Areas For Action. This is to inform communities and stakeholders of planned activities and assessments on their local water bodies, and allow for local input into the process. These meetings commenced in October 2018 and will continue over the lifespan of the RBMP (up to 2021). Meeting details will be advertised in local press, radio (interviews and community news) and on social media. The table below contains information and details relating to the meetings. 

The River Basin Management Plan for Ireland 2018 – 2021 (RBMP) sets out a new approach for the protection and management of water quality in our rivers, lakes, estuaries, groundwater, and coastal waters. This RBMP is underpinned by a strong evidence base resulting from the work of the Environmental Protection Agency, Inland Fisheries Ireland and all 31 Local Authorities in assessing the status of water quality. Developing this current RBMP involved extensive collaboration between the relevant public bodies together with public and stakeholder involvement.

The RBMP lists 190 priority Areas for Action where collaborative efforts will be focussed to improve water quality over the period 2018 – 2021. These Areas for Action include 726 specific waterbodies. A water body can be a river or tributary, a lake, a body of groundwater, an estuary, or a coastal area.

Water quality improvements will deliver multiple benefits for: human health, wildlife, and local economies through tourism and sustainable industry. This approach will require ongoing coordination and collaboration between local authorities, State agencies and stakeholders, together with continued public engagement and participation.

The next steps will involve ‘on the ground’ actions and stream walks by catchment scientists to gain a better understanding of the issues impacting on water quality in the priority Areas For Action and to develop solutions that are relevant and workable locally.