Graney-Lerr Catchment PAA – Community Information Meeting

Good water quality in our rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal waters is a precious resource. The Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO) works to promote a healthy water environment by identifying water quality issues and finding ways to fix them. This is a vital service in order to improve and protect water quality, and we want everyone can play their part.

Graney-Lerr Catchment is one of 190 areas prioritised for focused water quality action by the Waters Programme (LAWPRO). We will be visiting areas in the catchment early next year and will be working with the public, state agency partners and the agricultural sector to address water quality issues. We encourage local people to get involved in the management of their local water bodies.

Usually we hold face-to-face meetings with the local community to talk about water quality in their catchment and explain our work, however, to comply with Covid-19 restrictions, this Community Information Meeting will be held online via Zoom.

This meeting will be held on Wednesday 9th December at 7:30PM. To register go to

For queries, contact Dónal O’Keeffe, Community Water Officer (085 8700 126)/ or Michael Nugent, Catchment Scientist (085 8709546) /