Farming Mitigation Conference 17th January 2019 – Presentations

09:00 Welcome & Introduction – Sean Keating, LAWPRO

09:05 Opening Address
Jack Nolan, Department of Agriculture, Food & Marin

09:30 Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Regulations measures to protect water quality – Tim Hyde, Teagasc

10:00 Water Friendly Farming – Lessons Learned from the Allerton Project – Chris Stoate, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Leicestershire

11:30 Lessons learned from the UK Demonstration Test Catchments
Bob Harris, Visiting Professor, University of Sheffield**

12:30 Farming measures undertaken in the Allow catchment
Fran Igoe, LA Waters Programme

13:45 Group scheme experiences with mitigation controls
Patrick McCabe & Brian MacDomhnaill, National Federation of Group Water Schemes

14:15 Source & mobilisation control options for P, N, sediment and pesticides

15:45 Pathway control options for P, N, sediment and pesticides –
Donal Daly

16:30 Potential role for woodlands in protecting water
Kevin Collins, Forest Service

17:00 Concluding comments – Carol McCarthy, LAWPRO